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Closing Prices API

Get access to all our closing prices.

Included in Premium and Pro subscriptions.

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Interests API

Api for interests on GPH.

Included in Pro subscriptions.

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Trades API

Api for trades on GPH.

Included in Pro subscriptions.

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Partners API

Api for controlling partner relations. Pause,accept and reject partner invitations.

Included in Pro subscriptions.

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API access included in your subscription

Use these new features to enable exciting new scenarios like:

  • pausing partnerships automatically when limits are reached

  • hidden volumes and/or trading on closing prices +/- %

  • implement stop-loss or stop-limit orders

  • updating and keeping ETRM system in sync

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GET /closing/elcert/prices/2021-01-22/2021-01-23

"product": {
"name": "ElCert 2021 M SEK",
"id": 124,
"year": 2021
"id": 18355,
"date": "2021-01-22T00:00:00+00:00",
"techCloseSettlement": 3.40000,
"techCloseSettlementDate": "2021-01-25T15:36:30.3586906+00:00"

GPH APIs enable your company to integrate your system with the market automatically.
You can see prices, trade certificates, have an overview over your trades, manage partnership and relations and much more.

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